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February 3rd, 2010

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05:03 pm - Ni'Vart Highlands
Building....building....building and the next day again building. That is what we did most of the time. Also we talked what needed to be done for the rentals, the cottages we builded. Of course we visited the village, but soon we realized again more and more there was not a warrior to see, most of the time only slaves waiting for??? Even some warriors with their slaves left the village finding another place to live.
A ghost village was becoming a fact....again???...

But one thing is for sure

the Ni'Vart Highlands became livable more and more each day.

We have Bosks, they enjoy the hill watching
over the land...fran noticed that the male has a little bird sitting on his forehead....it's quiet warm between the hair...and maybe...just maybe in the spring he will find a pretty little female and build their nest on it.....oooooh no I wrote the word build.

We had already many visitors to have a look and many compliments where given. It looks quiet natural. The cottages are ready to be rent.
The rules for the renters are placed in the rent-boxes, now we need
to make some rules for those warriors and all those who will travel to our land.
Also the shop we need to decorate, but that will surely be done
one of this days.

All are welcome to come. We wish you a pleasant stay, especially those who will rent a cottage.
Contact us if you are interested

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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