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February 8th, 2010

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03:52 pm - Celebration
Also.....It was my Master's Birthday. I hoped we finished building by that time, but we didn't unfortunately. Maybe I could arrange a surprise for him at the last moment. What I did instead send out a message to Vanur village telling them my Master is celebrating his Birthday, and he got some congratulations from a few people.Together we traveled a little to look for boats.
We saw some amazing boats but to tall for our little port. I kept watching my Master every move he did trying to find out which one he liked the most, and gave him one as a present.

Later on we tried to get some people to our home to celebrate a little, only gabbie and Mistress Kat came for a while. Then we went to the village, and somehow a Master started to dance and everyone was giggling and wanting to dance as well.
More and more walked into the village and before we knew we stood on the wall of the village all dancing there.Of course we kept our eyes open for any raiders who would take advantage of the situation.
It was fun, we all had fun, it was a good Birthday at last for my Master.
Fran went to kennel with a smile on her face and...her legs very tired.

Tomorrow will be a hard day work again.

Current Location: Vanur Village
Current Mood: happyhappy

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