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February 13th, 2010

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06:08 pm - Festival of Flame at Teletus
Last weekend was the festival of flame on teletus. It started early morning for those who live in a different timezone as my Master and myself.
A treasure-hunt
. For us it was already afternoon. After that was the FW dagger tournament, followed 2 ahn later with Slave sloppy serve contest. Then the Kajira cage-fight.
while fran was nearly ready to go to kennel the
re was the moment to split the 4000L prizes.
Also there was a Live celebrity Auction
; 17 people inscribe them self.

My Master won the treasure-hunt and got many coins.

The next day (Sunday)
Starting with a FW dance;
Followed with the Battle of the Sexes sword Tournament in the Arena on Port Cyprian.
My master was or traveling or still asleep, so fran went alone to watch. I thought it would be an easy thing to get there, but unfortunately I could not pass (the sim) as well Mistress Talon all know her by the name Snipe.
First I walked and walked and was trapped in in a deep hole with some spikes.
I did not dare to move and screamed for help. Mistress Talon helped me out of my nasty situation and together we tried to get to the arena. Fran passed the "sim-frontier" and encouraged the Mistress to keep trying until I had the idea to walk back so the Mistress could go to the Arena.
But as I walked back nothing happened and there we where stuck again the both of us. We tried and tried and then sudden we accomplished and run to the arena.There the Competition was already half way.
Of course I made some pictures for you to enjoy.
It was all very exiting, some where shouting and clapping their hands
some of the Kajirae where shouting in exitement for their Master.
My Master was still not arrived, but I enjoyed it as much the others did.
Gabbie sat next to me, mistress Talon on the bench behind us.
Even Master Bas from Vanur Village was in the half finale of the competition. Then the final.....Both Masters where extremely good with their weapon but the best one won. It was master Brigand who won the sword Tournament. BRAVO MASTER.

Just when the tournament was finished my Master walked into the Arena. I immediately walked immediately to greet him. The Arena wasgetting empty, every one was walking to the next spot where a Kaissa Match was played.
I think it is a very nice game; all about trading bosks; gems; weapons and more. Maybe one day my master will teach how to play it and will teach this one . Mistress Talon came to look and Mistress carson came also.

It was getting late and time to go to kennel. Before I left I asked politely Mistresss Talon and Mistress Carson to make some pictures for me and send them; only untill today I never got 1 picture, and fran needed realy to write this before her Master would complain. Afyer the Kaissa the dance of the "Great Balls of Fire" started, finishing with "Burns of Steel"...I wish I could have been there, fran is sure it was a great fire, but...yes a girl needs her rest to serve her Master well.

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