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A nice Poem written by Mith - Community for Goreans involved in Second Life

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February 15th, 2010

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08:36 pm - A nice Poem written by Mith
Just a few days ago before the 14th of february fran contacted a Master for  request. he told me he just finished a poem and past it to me. I think it is such a lovely poem for a kajira, that I needed to ask this Master for pemission to place it here. Thank you Master for your approval.


Cry ...cry little one. 
You are no longer free.
But then the silver moon
shines in your eyes,
Making them sparkle
with hunger and fire.
And tonight when
you dance for us
in the pit of sand
you will learn
the true power
you hold over men.
For your sensual beauty
can fell the most
savage of hearts and
make our eyes  sparkle
with hunger with desire.                      

Dream...dream little one.
You will never be free.
Ah but when the moonlight
shines in your eyes
Making them flash
with hunger and fire
only the gods truly know
who is Master and--
who is slave                            

Sing...sing little one.
You belong to me, and
when the moonlight
shines in your eyes
Making them flash
with hunger and fire
I know I will never
set you free. Let
your laughter ring out
for tonight you will dance
in the arms of your Master.
And we will dance
the night through.


*Thank you Mith for letting me place this in my blog such a lovely poem*

Current Mood: thankfulthankful

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