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August 14th, 2010

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09:10 pm - Gor-RP-Slave
Today is one if these days. I am a slave in Gor for over 3 years now, for almost 3 years I wear the collar my Master "Storm" placed around my neck, I wear the brand on my thigh with proud. I love my Master, and want to serve him. heel at his feet.
But why I am writing this is because I feel angry confused, neglected by so many. I am a slave, but also a person with needs.

Today I tried to start an RP in the groupchat....to try to awake people around me that it's not only about raising; aiding; captive rp, but also besides a slave who is always helpful to aid, bind and help others with their captives, it is also about us *we slaves*. When I tried to do my rp, there was not any interaction or to be mentioned very poor.

And I am sorry if this would hurt some people I wrote this, it is now the time for me to write this down in my blog.
I try to do my best.
In groupchat
[7:30]  Franka Jewell arrives at the tavern she notices the barrel with paga and ales leaking she places some buckets under it to save what she can and takes a wooden goblet..erm erm...nobody around to drink it then she starts to drink it herself ...soon enough she starts to feel dizzy  ..she lies down on the fur in front of the fire trying to keep her eyes open to watch the buckets filling up with...she kept fighting to keep them open but then falls asleep.
(there was no reaction then only a question about a person)
[7:54]   slave on the loose
[7:55]  : might be going to the dock
[7:55]  : if anyone is there
[7:55]   he is naked and had no weapon
[7:55]  : jonny
[7:56]  Franka Jewell: I am drunk and asleep in the tavern

then someone came in the tavern:
[7:57]  ..... pulls fran away from the fire
[7:58]  Franka Jewell moans
[7:59]  ..... splashes some cold water on fran's face, waking her up
[7:59] warrior: tosses a match into the fire as it flares u[
[8:00]  Franka Jewell opens her eyes and sees everything turning in front of her she quickly closes her eyes again
[8:04]  warrior: Well lady since you cant get the slave up why dont ya dance for me instead ay?
[8:07]  warrior stands as the lady doesnt comply
one crashed other left but came back later

[8:16] warrior returns to see the woman he said why dont you dance instead of the girl to is back as he stands there
[8:17]  Franka Jewell hears some voices far away she tries to find herself back opening her eyes turning her head she sees some blurry people standing
[8:18]  Franka Jewell she then reaches to her head thinking * my head...my head what's is wrong with it?*
[8:19]  ....ignores the man... pulling fran over to the cushions on the floor, propping her head up
[8:19]  Serene Glassfield: Come on fran, over here
[8:20]  Franka Jewell: "mm huh mrfojlskjs" she says

[8:20]  ...pulls fran along the floor..
[8:21] ...then stands and faces the stranger

[8:21]  ...: Tal, stranger
[8:21]  (same warrior) nods nods
[8:21]  warrior: Tal
[8:22]  ....: do you need assistance, with anything?
[8:22]  ....: there is food and drink, if you want
[8:23] warrior: well i guess not cause clearly you ignored my daceing request but otherwise i bid well fer now
[8:23] .... takes some hot water and puts some herbs in it..
[8:24]  .... offers a sip to fran....."Here, Fran, take a little sip.."
[8:24] ....: This will help clear your head
[8:25]  Franka Jewell opens her eyes seeing the Mistress holding a goblet she reaches her lips to the rim of the goblet her head falling down on her arm which makes her the goblet fall on the floor

[8:27]  Serene Glassfield: ((sorry rl))

[8:29]  ... cleans up the hot liquid from around fran, tucking her in amongst the pillows....
[8:29] ...: takes the goblet back to the shelf..to clean later
[8:29]  ...: then I bid thee safe paths, sir
[8:31]  ... sits and watches fran sleep....
[8:31] ... to herself....a little sleep goes a long way, when one is drunk

then nothing much happened....

as the same person came back to the tavern with another warrir from our group:
[8:55]  warrior: sis
[8:55]  warrior: there is 1 down over there but i had to run
[8:55]  warrior: follow me
[8:56] warrior: i hardly doubt that laughs
[8:56] .....: ok
[8:56] warrior: cant down them on my lonesome
[8:56]  .....: was afk for a sec
[8:57] warrior: no problems
[8:57]  ...: sheath
[8:57]  ...: sheath
[8:57]  ...: .unleash
[8:57]  ....: let's go
[8:57]  ....: 1 now

and there I was again just lying on the fur my head on a pillow with the meter on me saying drunk and headache.

was this my RP?????
must have...
we are slaves and want to be recognized for being her also to have fun and do some rp

Current Location: Iskander Pass Tuchuck
Current Mood: sadsad

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Date:April 13th, 2011 04:49 pm (UTC)
I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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