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May 15th, 2011

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01:37 pm - some stories
Been so long I've wrote in my journal. For those who reads it, I will try to update a little. First of all my master and myself were living with the Tuchuks for a very long time. We are wagon people.
I am still the property of Storm Maverick, my Master; Vana'she.

I had a difficult time a while ago...a dear friend who was for so long bot on line she came back after 2/3 months. She became Tuchuk and my Master's wench...Al-tough I know her for many years, it was hard to see she became my master's Wench, my Mistress. After such a long time only being with my Master.

She is a nice person, and we are good friends and I love her. It took a little time to get used to this situation...but knowing I can always go and talk to my Master when I feel and need to do this, does help me a lot.
Which we did.
On a certain day Master-chief of the Tuchuks left...didn't leave a message or anything...things started to get confusing.After 2 weeks, my Master decided to join the Black Scorpions Mercs.
I must say some people immediately were very nice...others a little lesser.
Especialy after a fw woman ordered me to go help in ther servery while my Master was there as well.
She did not talk to him asking permission for me to go and help. My Master did'nt accept it and a discussion started, she was not very nice to my Master and said things a fw should not at all.

for the moment this is all
I will try to write more in the future

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