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May 15th, 2011

01:37 pm - some stories
Been so long I've wrote in my journal. For those who reads it, I will try to update a little. First of all my master and myself were living with the Tuchuks for a very long time. We are wagon people.
I am still the property of Storm Maverick, my Master; Vana'she.

I had a difficult time a while ago...a dear friend who was for so long bot on line she came back after 2/3 months. She became Tuchuk and my Master's wench...Al-tough I know her for many years, it was hard to see she became my master's Wench, my Mistress. After such a long time only being with my Master.

She is a nice person, and we are good friends and I love her. It took a little time to get used to this situation...but knowing I can always go and talk to my Master when I feel and need to do this, does help me a lot.
Which we did.
On a certain day Master-chief of the Tuchuks left...didn't leave a message or anything...things started to get confusing.After 2 weeks, my Master decided to join the Black Scorpions Mercs.
I must say some people immediately were very nice...others a little lesser.
Especialy after a fw woman ordered me to go help in ther servery while my Master was there as well.
She did not talk to him asking permission for me to go and help. My Master did'nt accept it and a discussion started, she was not very nice to my Master and said things a fw should not at all.

for the moment this is all
I will try to write more in the future

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August 14th, 2010

09:10 pm - Gor-RP-Slave
Today is one if these days. I am a slave in Gor for over 3 years now, for almost 3 years I wear the collar my Master "Storm" placed around my neck, I wear the brand on my thigh with proud. I love my Master, and want to serve him. heel at his feet.
But why I am writing this is because I feel angry confused, neglected by so many. I am a slave, but also a person with needs.

Today I tried to start an RP in the groupchat....to try to awake people around me that it's not only about raising; aiding; captive rp, but also besides a slave who is always helpful to aid, bind and help others with their captives, it is also about us *we slaves*. When I tried to do my rp, there was not any interaction or to be mentioned very poor.

And I am sorry if this would hurt some people I wrote this, it is now the time for me to write this down in my blog.
I try to do my best.
In groupchat
[7:30]  Franka Jewell arrives at the tavern she notices the barrel with paga and ales leaking she places some buckets under it to save what she can and takes a wooden goblet..erm erm...nobody around to drink it then she starts to drink it herself ...soon enough she starts to feel dizzy  ..she lies down on the fur in front of the fire trying to keep her eyes open to watch the buckets filling up with...she kept fighting to keep them open but then falls asleep.
(there was no reaction then only a question about a person)
[7:54]   slave on the loose
[7:55]  : might be going to the dock
[7:55]  : if anyone is there
[7:55]   he is naked and had no weapon
[7:55]  : jonny
[7:56]  Franka Jewell: I am drunk and asleep in the tavern

then someone came in the tavern:
[7:57]  ..... pulls fran away from the fire
[7:58]  Franka Jewell moans
[7:59]  ..... splashes some cold water on fran's face, waking her up
[7:59] warrior: tosses a match into the fire as it flares u[
[8:00]  Franka Jewell opens her eyes and sees everything turning in front of her she quickly closes her eyes again
[8:04]  warrior: Well lady since you cant get the slave up why dont ya dance for me instead ay?
[8:07]  warrior stands as the lady doesnt comply
one crashed other left but came back later

[8:16] warrior returns to see the woman he said why dont you dance instead of the girl to is back as he stands there
[8:17]  Franka Jewell hears some voices far away she tries to find herself back opening her eyes turning her head she sees some blurry people standing
[8:18]  Franka Jewell she then reaches to her head thinking * my head...my head what's is wrong with it?*
[8:19]  ....ignores the man... pulling fran over to the cushions on the floor, propping her head up
[8:19]  Serene Glassfield: Come on fran, over here
[8:20]  Franka Jewell: "mm huh mrfojlskjs" she says

[8:20]  ...pulls fran along the floor..
[8:21] ...then stands and faces the stranger

[8:21]  ...: Tal, stranger
[8:21]  (same warrior) nods nods
[8:21]  warrior: Tal
[8:22]  ....: do you need assistance, with anything?
[8:22]  ....: there is food and drink, if you want
[8:23] warrior: well i guess not cause clearly you ignored my daceing request but otherwise i bid well fer now
[8:23] .... takes some hot water and puts some herbs in it..
[8:24]  .... offers a sip to fran....."Here, Fran, take a little sip.."
[8:24] ....: This will help clear your head
[8:25]  Franka Jewell opens her eyes seeing the Mistress holding a goblet she reaches her lips to the rim of the goblet her head falling down on her arm which makes her the goblet fall on the floor

[8:27]  Serene Glassfield: ((sorry rl))

[8:29]  ... cleans up the hot liquid from around fran, tucking her in amongst the pillows....
[8:29] ...: takes the goblet back to the shelf..to clean later
[8:29]  ...: then I bid thee safe paths, sir
[8:31]  ... sits and watches fran sleep....
[8:31] ... to herself....a little sleep goes a long way, when one is drunk

then nothing much happened....

as the same person came back to the tavern with another warrir from our group:
[8:55]  warrior: sis
[8:55]  warrior: there is 1 down over there but i had to run
[8:55]  warrior: follow me
[8:56] warrior: i hardly doubt that laughs
[8:56] .....: ok
[8:56] warrior: cant down them on my lonesome
[8:56]  .....: was afk for a sec
[8:57] warrior: no problems
[8:57]  ...: sheath
[8:57]  ...: sheath
[8:57]  ...: .unleash
[8:57]  ....: let's go
[8:57]  ....: 1 now

and there I was again just lying on the fur my head on a pillow with the meter on me saying drunk and headache.

was this my RP?????
must have...
we are slaves and want to be recognized for being her also to have fun and do some rp

Current Location: Iskander Pass Tuchuck
Current Mood: sadsad

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March 1st, 2010

05:20 pm - February 27th 2010 Sim opening
Since the last time I wrote been working hard for the opening Ni'Vart Highland.
I got a message from Mith how pleased he was placing his poem here, he felt honored
my Master and I decided to open the sim on the 27th of February. I did not realize till a week after we settled the date that it would also be my SL rezz-day. A double celebration.

I worked hard on preparing a hunt, could not sleep easily thinking about how I would do it. my Master
gave me some idea, and that gave me some direction.

I remembered the hunt we had at Teletus, a hunt-tracker was given
for this hunt, and somehow I was smart for a change....and send Sura an IM. She gave all I needed to make this a perfect hunt. Fran did a lot of research which she could use, and succeeded-
"Thank You Sura for making this possible for me"

Many invitations where send to groups and friends. At the last minute I
could book a DJ  "Thank you 10 for giving me information".

Everything was ready; my Master did a test run and he did it fast :)

At 5 AM SLT we opened the sim Katrina;Amsimplytwisted;Gayle and 10 where the first people who arrived, and started to do the hunt,also Gabbie came for a while but left early.
fran sat and stayed at the dock to welcome any visitor that would arrive. Later that day it was time for me to leave a bit for cooking
and enjoying it
Her some quotes:
Gayle : tell me when i get hot
Franka : nope
Gayle : ahaaa
Gayle : i think im looking for a fish
Amsimplytwisted : every time i come it looks more impressive

I knew it was Yman's rezz day also and send her a message, as we talked and I mentioned to her we opening the sim she offered to come and do a show for 30 minutes. I could jump skyhigh knowing the chance she would come was 90%. Yman's group is called The Changhigh Trinity Sisters. About 6 months ago I booked her to do a show for my 2 year collaring celebration for my Master. Had to pay a lot for her show then, but was so worth it, every-one enjoyed. Pictures here are from the evening dance with Yman's show.

But this evening she came volontary. Off course I gave her some money; showing her how happy I was she came.

The evening dance started at noon SLT; with DJ Dakota; and later Yman who came. The music was good; every one was dancing. My Master danced with Scar; Talon; Kiba; bri; and a few other guests came. As Yman started her show
the guests where amazed of it.

.-''''-.,.-''''-.               Then Yman called me to come up the stage and do
òÖApplause‚òÖ      an act with her.
".              ."            Storm Maverick looks to his girl, if I trow her around
    '''-.,.-                    like that she cries!!!.

Scarlett : Bravo Yman and Fran „ã° great show  

So the dance continued; fran was thinking about her silk her master burned a few days before the opening, how pretty it would be wearing it
this evening.
Yman left in silence Dakota was playing the last song saying goodbye to all.....and so the evening ended....The opening day
So much work was done since the first day almost 2 urth months ago.

A few finished their hunt afterwards....before they traveled back....my Master was tired gave me a hug and said "well done, mine" and went to bed.
I cleaned up everything before I closed my eyes, a little wet they where.
With mixed feelings I closed my eyes but could not find my peace to sleep.
It was the opening of the sim....it was my rezz-day.

Thank you my Master for all the help you offerd...Thank you all who came to the opening...to celebrate this day with us.....*****many Huggs*

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February 15th, 2010

08:36 pm - A nice Poem written by Mith
Just a few days ago before the 14th of february fran contacted a Master for  request. he told me he just finished a poem and past it to me. I think it is such a lovely poem for a kajira, that I needed to ask this Master for pemission to place it here. Thank you Master for your approval.


Cry ...cry little one. 
You are no longer free.
But then the silver moon
shines in your eyes,
Making them sparkle
with hunger and fire.
And tonight when
you dance for us
in the pit of sand
you will learn
the true power
you hold over men.
For your sensual beauty
can fell the most
savage of hearts and
make our eyes  sparkle
with hunger with desire.                      

Dream...dream little one.
You will never be free.
Ah but when the moonlight
shines in your eyes
Making them flash
with hunger and fire
only the gods truly know
who is Master and--
who is slave                            

Sing...sing little one.
You belong to me, and
when the moonlight
shines in your eyes
Making them flash
with hunger and fire
I know I will never
set you free. Let
your laughter ring out
for tonight you will dance
in the arms of your Master.
And we will dance
the night through.


*Thank you Mith for letting me place this in my blog such a lovely poem*

Current Mood: thankfulthankful

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February 13th, 2010

06:08 pm - Festival of Flame at Teletus
Last weekend was the festival of flame on teletus. It started early morning for those who live in a different timezone as my Master and myself.
A treasure-hunt
. For us it was already afternoon. After that was the FW dagger tournament, followed 2 ahn later with Slave sloppy serve contest. Then the Kajira cage-fight.
while fran was nearly ready to go to kennel the
re was the moment to split the 4000L prizes.
Also there was a Live celebrity Auction
; 17 people inscribe them self.

My Master won the treasure-hunt and got many coins.

The next day (Sunday)
Starting with a FW dance;
Followed with the Battle of the Sexes sword Tournament in the Arena on Port Cyprian.
My master was or traveling or still asleep, so fran went alone to watch. I thought it would be an easy thing to get there, but unfortunately I could not pass (the sim) as well Mistress Talon all know her by the name Snipe.
First I walked and walked and was trapped in in a deep hole with some spikes.
I did not dare to move and screamed for help. Mistress Talon helped me out of my nasty situation and together we tried to get to the arena. Fran passed the "sim-frontier" and encouraged the Mistress to keep trying until I had the idea to walk back so the Mistress could go to the Arena.
But as I walked back nothing happened and there we where stuck again the both of us. We tried and tried and then sudden we accomplished and run to the arena.There the Competition was already half way.
Of course I made some pictures for you to enjoy.
It was all very exiting, some where shouting and clapping their hands
some of the Kajirae where shouting in exitement for their Master.
My Master was still not arrived, but I enjoyed it as much the others did.
Gabbie sat next to me, mistress Talon on the bench behind us.
Even Master Bas from Vanur Village was in the half finale of the competition. Then the final.....Both Masters where extremely good with their weapon but the best one won. It was master Brigand who won the sword Tournament. BRAVO MASTER.

Just when the tournament was finished my Master walked into the Arena. I immediately walked immediately to greet him. The Arena wasgetting empty, every one was walking to the next spot where a Kaissa Match was played.
I think it is a very nice game; all about trading bosks; gems; weapons and more. Maybe one day my master will teach how to play it and will teach this one . Mistress Talon came to look and Mistress carson came also.

It was getting late and time to go to kennel. Before I left I asked politely Mistresss Talon and Mistress Carson to make some pictures for me and send them; only untill today I never got 1 picture, and fran needed realy to write this before her Master would complain. Afyer the Kaissa the dance of the "Great Balls of Fire" started, finishing with "Burns of Steel"...I wish I could have been there, fran is sure it was a great fire, but...yes a girl needs her rest to serve her Master well.

Current Location: Teletus
Current Mood: impressedimpressed

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February 8th, 2010

03:52 pm - Celebration
Also.....It was my Master's Birthday. I hoped we finished building by that time, but we didn't unfortunately. Maybe I could arrange a surprise for him at the last moment. What I did instead send out a message to Vanur village telling them my Master is celebrating his Birthday, and he got some congratulations from a few people.Together we traveled a little to look for boats.
We saw some amazing boats but to tall for our little port. I kept watching my Master every move he did trying to find out which one he liked the most, and gave him one as a present.

Later on we tried to get some people to our home to celebrate a little, only gabbie and Mistress Kat came for a while. Then we went to the village, and somehow a Master started to dance and everyone was giggling and wanting to dance as well.
More and more walked into the village and before we knew we stood on the wall of the village all dancing there.Of course we kept our eyes open for any raiders who would take advantage of the situation.
It was fun, we all had fun, it was a good Birthday at last for my Master.
Fran went to kennel with a smile on her face and...her legs very tired.

Tomorrow will be a hard day work again.

Current Location: Vanur Village
Current Mood: happyhappy

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February 3rd, 2010

05:03 pm - Ni'Vart Highlands
Building....building....building and the next day again building. That is what we did most of the time. Also we talked what needed to be done for the rentals, the cottages we builded. Of course we visited the village, but soon we realized again more and more there was not a warrior to see, most of the time only slaves waiting for??? Even some warriors with their slaves left the village finding another place to live.
A ghost village was becoming a fact....again???...

But one thing is for sure

the Ni'Vart Highlands became livable more and more each day.

We have Bosks, they enjoy the hill watching
over the land...fran noticed that the male has a little bird sitting on his forehead....it's quiet warm between the hair...and maybe...just maybe in the spring he will find a pretty little female and build their nest on it.....oooooh no I wrote the word build.

We had already many visitors to have a look and many compliments where given. It looks quiet natural. The cottages are ready to be rent.
The rules for the renters are placed in the rent-boxes, now we need
to make some rules for those warriors and all those who will travel to our land.
Also the shop we need to decorate, but that will surely be done
one of this days.

All are welcome to come. We wish you a pleasant stay, especially those who will rent a cottage.
Contact us if you are interested

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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February 1st, 2010

04:22 pm - Just some nice moments
The first day of the New urth year we went to a place called Rustica. We could use some earthly motor-vehicles and explore the surroundings. It was a funny trip trough the mountains.

The second day fran decided to leave her old familiar place where I lived for so many months....moved to another place where a lot needed
to be done. My Master said he would help me and together we started
to build this place...

The first thing needed to be done is finding the right texture to make it as natural as possible. Tomorrow I will place some more pictures about how it looks today. We planning to rent out 3 cottages..each one on an island for the privacy of each other. Hopefuly the cottages will be rented out soon.

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03:29 pm - Just a card we send
This is the card we send to all our friends in Gor.

We spend some time together....sende out a message to those who live in a different timezone
as we do to come and celebrate with us looking at the firework. Yes there where a few people
in the village sitting in the tavern. As it was time to shoot away some great fireworks I displayed
on the Teletus grounds...only my Master Scar the farmers and myself celebrated the new-Year.
We enjoyed it...and that was the most important thing of this evening. To bad the others didn't
come standing on the wall to wish each other a healthy safely 2010.

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January 31st, 2010

02:34 pm - Vanur Village at Semris
The village...it was the cold season....snow...Ice...wearing warm kirtles even fran was allowed to wear some wrapping around her legs and feet to keep her feet warm.Keeping the fire burning for the Masters and Mistress making it as pleasant as possible for them, was the most important
chore to be done
Then the news came from the Ubar and Ubara that we where moving
luckily the villagers where allowed to vote if they realy wanting to move or not.....

We moved...packing our belongings....and traveled a long distance to

A new village...a new Urth Year started.

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