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February 27th 2010 Sim opening - Community for Goreans involved in Second Life

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March 1st, 2010

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05:20 pm - February 27th 2010 Sim opening
Since the last time I wrote been working hard for the opening Ni'Vart Highland.
I got a message from Mith how pleased he was placing his poem here, he felt honored
my Master and I decided to open the sim on the 27th of February. I did not realize till a week after we settled the date that it would also be my SL rezz-day. A double celebration.

I worked hard on preparing a hunt, could not sleep easily thinking about how I would do it. my Master
gave me some idea, and that gave me some direction.

I remembered the hunt we had at Teletus, a hunt-tracker was given
for this hunt, and somehow I was smart for a change....and send Sura an IM. She gave all I needed to make this a perfect hunt. Fran did a lot of research which she could use, and succeeded-
"Thank You Sura for making this possible for me"

Many invitations where send to groups and friends. At the last minute I
could book a DJ  "Thank you 10 for giving me information".

Everything was ready; my Master did a test run and he did it fast :)

At 5 AM SLT we opened the sim Katrina;Amsimplytwisted;Gayle and 10 where the first people who arrived, and started to do the hunt,also Gabbie came for a while but left early.
fran sat and stayed at the dock to welcome any visitor that would arrive. Later that day it was time for me to leave a bit for cooking
and enjoying it
Her some quotes:
Gayle : tell me when i get hot
Franka : nope
Gayle : ahaaa
Gayle : i think im looking for a fish
Amsimplytwisted : every time i come it looks more impressive

I knew it was Yman's rezz day also and send her a message, as we talked and I mentioned to her we opening the sim she offered to come and do a show for 30 minutes. I could jump skyhigh knowing the chance she would come was 90%. Yman's group is called The Changhigh Trinity Sisters. About 6 months ago I booked her to do a show for my 2 year collaring celebration for my Master. Had to pay a lot for her show then, but was so worth it, every-one enjoyed. Pictures here are from the evening dance with Yman's show.

But this evening she came volontary. Off course I gave her some money; showing her how happy I was she came.

The evening dance started at noon SLT; with DJ Dakota; and later Yman who came. The music was good; every one was dancing. My Master danced with Scar; Talon; Kiba; bri; and a few other guests came. As Yman started her show
the guests where amazed of it.

.-''''-.,.-''''-.               Then Yman called me to come up the stage and do
òÖApplause‚òÖ      an act with her.
".              ."            Storm Maverick looks to his girl, if I trow her around
    '''-.,.-                    like that she cries!!!.

Scarlett : Bravo Yman and Fran „ã° great show  

So the dance continued; fran was thinking about her silk her master burned a few days before the opening, how pretty it would be wearing it
this evening.
Yman left in silence Dakota was playing the last song saying goodbye to all.....and so the evening ended....The opening day
So much work was done since the first day almost 2 urth months ago.

A few finished their hunt afterwards....before they traveled back....my Master was tired gave me a hug and said "well done, mine" and went to bed.
I cleaned up everything before I closed my eyes, a little wet they where.
With mixed feelings I closed my eyes but could not find my peace to sleep.
It was the opening of the sim....it was my rezz-day.

Thank you my Master for all the help you offerd...Thank you all who came to the opening...to celebrate this day with us.....*****many Huggs*

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